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The best activities in Hashemite Square, Amman

Hashemite Square Amman, the Hashemite Square in the city of Amman is a distinctive archaeological and historical landmark for the city, extending through the heart of the city and forming a link between all its distinctive features as the square was restored in 2014 and was originally named after the Hashemite Jordanian royal family and the area of the square is 50 thousand square meters It borders the Roman Theatre, one of Amman's most famous landmarks.

The Hashemite Square is also a meeting place for families and relatives, and a meeting place for families. It is also a place to calm the nerves, enjoy and spend the most enjoyable happy moments with the family, as well as the happy and beautiful moments for tourists.

Specifications of the Hashemite Square Amman

the Hashemite Square Amman is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in the State of Oman. It also enjoys a distinguished strategic location at the level of the Hashemite Kingdom, as it is located in the heart of Amman, the capital, and there are many shops and tourist attractions that attract tourism.

The Hashemite Square in the center of Amman is the largest open space for family gatherings full of popular activities in the Jordanian capital. The square is located in the eastern part of the center of the country. It is considered a major part of a tourism project that was built on an area of ​​40 dunums, and was officially opened in 1986. Among its sections: the famous Roman amphitheater whose incorporation is linked to ancient historical stages that do not contradict its embrace of contemporary activities and parties.

the Hashemite Square Amman takes the form of a rectangle, its edges extending over 26 dunums, and at every end and corner there are shops that include antiques and various hand derivatives, and others that display carpets, textiles, and swimming pools, in addition to photography and technology studios.

The tiled courtyard is divided into main facilities, the first of which is: the torrent corridor engraved with colored mosaics, symbolizing the torrent that swept through Oman, and returned to its inhabitants before the middle of the last century. The entrance is topped by metal umbrellas with contemporary designs that are in line with the green spaces on both sides.

Hashemite Square facilities Amman

The area of the Hashemite Square is about 40 dunums, and it includes the stands of the Roman theater and the winter amphitheater. The square consists of several facilities, including the following:

Amman stream corridor and dancing fountains

It is a curve designed from colored mosaics, and there are outlets from which dancing fountains emerge, to embody the memory of Oman. There are colored metal umbrellas in these corridors. There are 24 umbrellas on the grass, flower beds and plants.

The main celebration square

It consists of a set of windows for the Roman amphitheater with an area of about 4,000 square meters. This arena is dedicated to national and popular celebrations.

Media Building

This is a two-storey office with an area of about 600 square meters. This building consists of the ground floor, and it consists of administrative offices specialized in maintaining and servicing the square. There are toilets. There is a covered cafe on the first floor, in addition to terraces with beautiful views of the square, the Citadel Mountain, and the city center.

Media wall

It is a screen with an area of 37 square meters for broadcasting documentaries and tourist films for tourists, as well as displaying educational messages related to the Sultanate of Oman.

Shaded gallery

It is a gallery covered with a number of metal umbrellas, about 110 meters long and about 4 meters wide, parallel to Al Hashemi Street.


 Glass and metal clad space which is modern flint.

And the metal panels are about 3 planks

The area of this sawan is 78 square meters, and the sawan contains cafes and various services for visitors.

The importance of the Hashemite Square Amman

Hashemite Square is a place and center for national and popular festivals, as the square at that time represented a square or a stage for displaying lyrical celebrations, as well as presenting groups of classical music as well as modern music, as well as entertainment shows, poetic evenings and other performances.

This square is of great national importance as it grew from just an ordinary square into an arena for Jordanian national celebrations during the victories in the Battle of Karama.

And he displayed the losses suffered by the Israeli enemy, and thus the history of the Hashemite Square was linked to the history of the Hashemite people and the Jordanian national holidays, in addition to its strategic historical location, which made it distinctive in the entire Middle East region, as Jordan is considered a gateway to trade in the Middle East and a link between the Levant and the Hashemite Square Amman was renewed in year 2014.

What is the battle of dignity?

In 1968, after the victory of the Jordanian army in the Battle of Karama, the Israeli losses that Jordan won were displayed publicly in this arena, amidst noisy celebrations throughout the kingdom to celebrate the first Jordanian Arab victory over Israel.

The best activities that can be done in the Hashemite Square, Amman

The Hashemite Square in Amman has always been of great cultural and vital importance and with the passage of time this 12 square meter square has not lost its importance in Amman.

This area is considered a window that will see the aspects of the cultural richness of this city, so learn with us through this report what distinguishes this place from the various attractions and activities it offers.

In order to get to know the square well, you must first explore the most important streets that stem from it, and which you can wander around as follows: Al-Hashemi Street in addition to Algeria Street.

Hotels near Hashemite Square Amman

There are many hotels near the Hashemite Square, Amman, including the following:

Thousand and One Nights Hotel

Thousand Nights Hotel is located in Amman, 2.5 km from the Turkish Bath, Thousand and One Nights, while the hotel has a terrace and sauna, and you can enjoy a meal at the restaurant, as it is considered one of the best hotels in Amman, Jordan.

Amman Rotana Hotel

Amman Rotana Hotel is one of the best hotels in Amman, Jordan. Amman Rotana Hotel is located in the center of the new city of Amman, where the commercial, residential and social center is located near the hotel, and it is the first hotel in Jordan.

Seven Roses Hotel

The Seven Roses Hotel is one of the best hotels in Amman Jordan, the luxurious 4-star Seven Roses Hotel features free Wi-Fi and a terrace. It is located in the business district in downtown Amman, just a 5-minute walk from Cosmo Mall. It also has 3 Restaurants.

Gerasa Hotel

Located on University Street in Amman, Gerasa Hotel offers modern accommodations and a seasonal outdoor pool with a waterfall. Guests can also enjoy Gerasa Hotel, one of the best hotels in Amman Jordan, with free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

Ayass Hotel

Ayass Hotel is located near City Mall and Makkah. It has a fitness center that provides two separate periods for women and men.

Ayass Hotel is one of the best hotels in Amman, Jordan. It features an elegant and spacious lobby. All spacious rooms and suites offer free Wi-Fi.

Amman International Hotel

Amman International Hotel is one of the best hotels in Amman, Jordan. Amman International Hotel hosts conferences and special events in the banquet halls.

The swimming pool can be used for weddings and dinners at the International Hotel, the best hotel in Amman Jordan and the 24-hour staff can organize guided city tours and day trips in Jordan.

At the end of the article, we have talked about the Hashemite Square, Amman, and we have collected all the important information for you that can help you when visiting the Hashemite Square.