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Learn about tourism in the city of Zarqa and its most important landmarks

Learn about tourism in the city of Zarqa, as the city of Zarqa is one of the cities in which you feel vitality and energy once you are there, and it is one of the ancient cities dating back thousands of years BC.

The city of Zarqa is located in the Zarqa River basin in the northeast of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, 15 miles northeast of Amman.

In order to know more details, you must follow our article, which includes a number of details, as well as information about the city of Zarqa, its tourism, and its most important monuments and gardens.

Tourism in the city of Zarqa

The city of Zarqa is considered one of the best and most important tourist destinations in the Kingdom of Jordan, and it is worth noting that this city is known for its ancient history, and it contains around a lot of archaeological monuments that are a force of attraction for tourists, and it dates back to the Bronze Age as well as the Ottoman era.

This city is also famous for its desert nature as well as its mountainous terrain, which is represented by Tal Al-Bireh, Jabal Al-Mutawq, and also Jabal Al-Rahil, where the city of Zarqa is the appropriate place in order to explore the desert in order to live the most beautiful adventures.

Besides, it contains a number of palaces as well as baths that date back to the Umayyad era. There are also many hotels inside the city, along with excellent restaurants and resorts for tourists.

The best and most popular things to do in Zarqa

Tourism in the city of Zarqa is one of the things that makes you never get bored, as there are several activities that can be done if you go to tourism to this city, which are as follows:

Global Animal Village to watch animals

The Global Animal Village opened its doors in 1994 in Al-Rusaifa near the city of Zarqa, in addition to it is known for containing a large and wonderful group of wild animals as well as pet sweets that are very carefully cared for by those in charge of managing this park.

Visitors can also wander inside the park and get to know closely these animals, which are represented by tigers, as well as lions, monkeys, camels, and Syrian brown bears. You will also find camels, purebred horses, gazelles, and birds of all kinds.

Also, never miss visiting this park, especially if you are accompanied by your young children, and its working hours are from 8 am to 12 noon.

Young mansion

Al-Shabib Palace is considered among the tourism in the city of Zarqa, as it is located on the western side of the city of Zarqa, and it was built in the ancient Roman era in the year 46 BC. It was called the Blue Hall or the Zarqa Fort in the past.

 This place is also attributed to Prince Shabib al-Mahdawi al-Jizami, and the current palace was built on the ruins of the Roman military castle.

  It is written on it in ancient Latin, illustrating the death of the ruler and asking for mercy for him. It is a very suitable place to visit with family or children and friends, enjoy the time and work to take wonderful memorial photos, and its working hours are from 12 am.

Royal Urban Village Garden

The Royal Urban Village Garden is among the best places of tourism in the city of Zarqa, in that you can spend a fun and different day mixed with picturesque nature with family and friends, as this garden is the one that is suitable, as it is one of the gardens that is characterized as a large and spacious land.

  There are also some games for children, as well as some games for adults, and this garden is characterized by being full of trees, as well as beautiful and gentle sessions.

In addition, the park has public facilities and a chapel, so do not hesitate to visit it and enjoy a day full of games and memorial photos for you, your family, and your friends.

Azraq Wetland Reserve

The Azraq Wetland Reserve is among the best places for tourism in the city of Zarqa, given that it is located near the city of Zarqa in the heart of the eastern desert, and it is characterized by many of the following specifications:

  • It is also a unique wetland.

  • It is also one of the parks that serve as a stopover for migratory birds from three continents.

  • Besides, it has become a distinguished reserve for this reason, and it is considered one of the favorite places for people who love bird watching.

  • Visitors can get the opportunity to observe birds of a very diverse species.

  • And also the species of birds that are very rare, including local, migratory and endangered.

  • Besides, Azraq also has a rich cultural history.

  • Its working hours are from 8 am to 6 pm.

Queen Noor Park

Queen Noor Park is among the places of tourism in the city of Zarqa, as this park is located in the city of Zarqa and it is a very suitable place to spend the best fun and entertaining time, especially when your children are with you,

  •  In addition, you can go there with your family or friends, work for recreation, and enjoy spending a beautiful day in this wonderful place.

  •  Also you can many card games with friends

  • There is also a place for children to play and have fun as they wish

  •  And this you can do for your children after a week full of fatigue and routine.

  • This garden is a quiet place with many trees and the best types of roses, which gives comfort and relaxation.

  • It is very suitable for all categories and its working hours are from 8 am to 8 pm.

Al-Shaumary Nature Reserve

  • The Shaumari Reserve is among the places of tourism in the city of Zarqa, and it is considered the first wildlife reserve in Jordan, in addition to that it was established in 1975 in the Azraq area in Wadi al-Shaumari by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, in addition to that this reserve is a center for breeding Animals that are threatened with extinction in the Middle East

  •   And work to fully care for it, as it is noted in this reserve that there are several unique animal species that are represented in the Arabian oryx, as well as sand deer, wild Asian houngars and many houbara birds.

  •   It is also advised to work on visiting this reserve and be among the places that you visit and make a tour of this reserve by using a jeep, or in four-wheel drive vehicles, or on a bike tour, or even horses and camels in order to get an integrated experience of Enjoyment and luxury, and it is different from other experiences in other places, and this reserve is also characterized by ease of movement

At the end of our article, we got to know many details and also information about tourism in the city of Zarqa, which is considered one of the best cities that existed in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and we got to know the best landmarks in it and the places that you can visit when you are in this city and enjoy all the means of pleasure and comfort in these places Which is characterized by beautiful nature.