From Dana: The Rift Valley Mountain Trek - 4 Days

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Highlights 1: Dana - Feynan (Wadi Dana Trail) Distance: 14km Time: 5 -7 hrs Altitude: From 1,300 m above sea level to 320m above sea level Grade: Moderate Starting from the luscious highlands before winding through the rocky slopes and plains, the serenity is interrupted only by the sound of birdsong, as the scents of flowers permeate the crisp, cool air of the valley. After your 14km hike through this unique landscape, you will relax and spend the night at the dreamy, candle-lit Eco-lodge. Section 2: Feynan - Wadi Ghweer - Al Bustan area(Wadi Al Nakheel Trail) Distance: 18 km Time: 7 - 8 hrs Altitude: From 320m above sea level to 820m above sea level Grade: Difficult This trail offers an aquatic hike through small pools of water,especially refreshing during spring time. With different stone formations, this trail is reminiscent of the famous Siq of Petra “Petra canyon”. After 3 - 4 hours, you will take a relaxing tea break,whilst learning more about the spectacular surroundings from your local guide. Upon reaching the green valleys of Albustaan, you will meet your Bedouin hosts and sleep in a Bedouin tent. Section 3: Al Bustan area - Shaubak Castle (Al Qala’a Trail) Distance: 15km Time: 5 - 7 hrs Altitude: From 800m to 1,360m above sea level Grade: Moderate Leaving Al Bustaan behind you will see more of the stunning geology of this region. The trail will lead you from out of the mountain wilderness and into the countryside, where you will be welcomed into old but still inhabited villages dotted around the foot of the mountain range. In this beautiful green space of terraced orchards, you will see a variety of trees native to Jordan, including pistachio, fig and "Roman" olive trees. The narrow gorge leads the way to Shobak caste, the historical path lined with ancient caves once used as tombs. Section 4: Shaubak Castle - Ras Al Faid area (Al Matal Trail) Distance: 14 km Time: 5 - 6 hrs Altitude: From 1,360m above sea level to 1,210 m above sea level Grade: Easy This easier hike starts from the old village of Sihan, which was inhabited by Shobaki locals up until the nineteenth century. Only ruins of the old stone houses now stand witness to a once lively community in Sihan. A high viewpoint is easily reached, rewarding you with magnificent views of Shobak’s proposed protected area. Following the Al Hazeem road you reach the Ras Al Faid area, where you spend your last night in Shobak before heading towards little Petra. Section 5: Al Forn area - Gbour Al Whaidat area (Al Whaidat Trail) Distance: 18 km Time: 7 - 8 hrs Altitude: From 1,210 above sea level to 1,240 above sea level (ascent 100 m, descent 100 m). Grade: Moderate Waking up to panoramic views, you will see mushroom shaped rock formations and juniper trees cover the landscape. For two hours the trail snakes up to the peak of Al Saffaha - the perfect spot for a tea break or picnic. Finishing the trail in Gbour Al Whaidat, you will meet again with your Bedouin hosts. Section 6: Gbour Al Whaidat - Little Petra by Al Faresh (Al Baidah Trail) Distance: 15 km Time: 5 - 6 hrs Altitude:From 1,240 m above sea level to 1,047 m above sea level Grade: Moderate Several hours of moderate hiking will take you to your next destination of Petra, via Al Farsh (the flat region), which lies west of this area. Be prepared to be astounded by splendid views of Wadi Araba, particularly the flat desert in the heart of the Rift Valley. Wonderment and surprise are the usual reactions upon seeing for the first time the extraordinary colors of the Nabataean capital, Petra; the ancient city of carved and decorated facades. The unique tombs and treasures encloses its visitors into an ancient world, providing a silent narration of the story of its powerful Nabataean past. This story then takes us to Little Petra, the agricultural center famous throughout history as a trading suburb. At the end of this unforgettable day, you will spend the night in a Bedouin camp or hotel
Activity Description The Rift Valley Mountain Trek is the first long-distance discovery hiking route in Jordan, linking Dana Biosphere Reserve and Feynan lodge with Petra trough the Shobak heights. Extending approximately 100km from Dana old village to little Petra, the altitude varies from one section to another, starting from 1,300m to 320m above sea level and reaching again to 1665 m above sea level at the half way point. While crossing mountains and plateaus, visitors can explore the magnificent landscape with its breath-taking geological forms and enjoying the awe-inspiring Rift Valley viewpoints. Interacting with the local population during this spectacular crossing, visitors have the phenomenal experience of camping in real goat hair Bedouin tents.
Important Information Starting from 4 to 6 days hike The full trail takes 6 days to complete, but can be rearranged according to guest's
Inclusions Local Guide, Accomodation, Meals, Transfers, Camp
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