From Amman: Wadi Al Dahek White Desert Safari

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Highlights This wadi totally contrast with its surroundings. The wadi itself is white with limestone and chalk, where as the desert around is pitch black, with numerous basaltic dark stones spreaded all over.
Activity Description We organize unique and original excursions to - Wadi Al-Dahik Desert The unique white desert, the original magical 4x4 jeep tours to see all the natural wonders of the amazing Wadi Al-Dahik desert with a delicious lunch cooked on natural fire, all healthy foods. Stunning sunsets with views you will never forget, or sleeping in a camp under the stars in the heart of the Al Bayda desert where the sky is your roof... trekking with camels across the desert, a mountain in the White Desert, and all that and more.... magic For super specials, ask me: We make it all possible for you. You can Add Camping overnight and Meal Plan
Important Information The name of the region has been selected; because its white stones resemble ivory teeth that appear during laughter, and therefore, the name “Dahek” which means laughter, shows these valleys, sandy areas, and white desert after the blackness of the basalt stones and their ruggedness; What brings joy to the soul. Al-Dahik Desert Reserve is a geological museum in Jordan that includes a variety of terrain and rare natural sculptures in the world, and you can see the same in Brazil and Egypt only. Al-Dahek Reserve is an ideal tourist destination for lovers of geological areas and formations, to see the important geological formations of white chalk cliffs and stunning landscapes. The Valley of the Laughter shows evidence of an ancient sea. 55 million years ago, this area was covered by the waters of the Tethys Sea, or the ancient sea. Geology and fossils show evidence of ancient marine life, such as the teeth of sharks. The location of the Dahik Reserve away from light pollution makes it an ideal place for observing the moon and watching the stars.
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